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We just put our sping plots in for 2008.  Plots are made up of buckwheat, sunflowers, ICP and soybeans.  We got hit by a couple days of cold weather after we put them in which we think may have stunted or burned some of the crop.  We hope not.  We ended up with 12 plots total this year.

Saw a lot of good sign on the last trip.  Appears the spring ball had happened as there was dancing dear track all over the property.  Saw a lot of nice turkey sign as well.

We brought in a track hoe to bust the beaver dam and within 2 weeks they had half of built back up.  We have removed 4 of them from the gene pool with some very well placed 270 shells.  Hope to have the beaver situation remedied soon.

We still need 1 member for the 2008 season.  If you are interested just get in touch with us and we will show you around the property.