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It's over. Deer season has come and gone. We killed aprox. 25 deer with several bucks and plenty of does. The best buck killed was an 8pt. Killed by Adrian. Adrian's deer was his first buck and a good one it was. We had a lot of super bucks on trail cams but they went nocturnal very early in the season. The huge amount of acorns made it very hard to narrow the deer to a set pattern. For the coming 2012-2013 season we will have some changes to limit access to the greenfields. Most of the roads will be closed to motorized vehicles on the Ripville property. All roads will be closed on the Milltown property. The Milltown property will be a trophy hunting area and all deer harvested from there will have to be forked horn or better for guns. Bow hunting on this property will allow doe harvest but bucks will still have to be forked horns. The summer plots are planted and are doing great. We planted peas and grain sorgum.

        AS with all clubs, I expect some turn over in members. If anyone is interested in this club, give me a call