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On Friday Oct. 28, 2011, my girlfriend and Secretary of Sandy Acres Trophy Club, Kim Manning, killed the first trophy of the deer hunting season. This buck was an 8-point. He had an inside spread of 16'' and weighed 160 pounds. He was taken about 15 minutes before dark. Kim took this deer from a permanent hunting condo over looking a planted food plot. This buck was not in rut at the time. There was no urine on his glands and his neck was not swollen. Way to go, Kim!!

Hi everyone, my name is Kim.  I killed the biggest buck of the season on our club, better luck next time club members.  Well we are gearing up for turkey season.  This will be my first turkey season actually hunting so I hope to bag me a big tom so my boyfriend and club president Kerry can have it mounted and hung right beside my big 8-point.  WE are still looking for 4 members for next years hunt.  We love meeting new people and welcoming them into the Sandy Acres family.  Good luck to all this comin up turkey season and let's Git-R-Don.

Hello Everyone. Well turkey season was a success for some, however for my girlfriends' first turkey season, it was eventful but no luck bagging her first turkey. But I know my buck slayer, she doesn't give up easily and I know she's looking forward to another successful deer season.  I will post pics of the turkeys bagged this year very soon. 2012/2013 club dues are approaching and we still have openings. Dues have been reduced by $100, now just $900.  For anyone interested, please give a shout and we'll be glad to give a tour of our little slice of 'hunting heaven' here in Screven Co., GA


Well the 2014/2015 Whitetail Deer Season has come to a close. There were several great bucks taken on the club this year. Congrats to Tammy, whose husband is a member, shot the biggest buck on the club this year, a great 10-pointer. Kimberly,the Secretary/Treasurer (and my wife) got 2 nice bucks this year. Another member Tommy and myself brought home 1 buck a peice for the season. Every member on the club got a buck and a doe (or two). It was a successful season for putting meat in the freezer. UNTIL FALL! We haven't seen much hog sign on the club yet this year, but we are always on the prowl for them and coyotes. Squirrel hunting is well under way on Sandy Acres, with another hunt coming up the 1st weekend of Feburary; then onto the turkeys. Soon we'll be planting our Spring food plots to help our deer be healthy for the Fall season.