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Club Rules:

  1. All Hunters will obey the state of Georgia rules and regulations

  2. A general meeting will be held the last Saturday of Hunting Season

  3. An officer and director meeting will be held on the last day of the season

  4. Officers shall be elected to a 4 year term

  5. The President shall appoint 6 directors to sit on the board

  6. Dues amount will be set each year at the general meeting

  7. A $200.00 deposit is due on the day of the general meeting

  8. Balance of dues will be due in full April 1st of Calendar year

  9. A legal buck must have 4 points on one side

  10. Each member is allowed to harvest 3 does

  11. A family member hunting under direction of paying member may harvest the same as a paying member

  12. A member’s spouse and children/grandchildren still in high school may hunt under member’s directions

  13. The club will absorb 50% of the dues of President, 25% of the Vice President, and 100% of the Secretary/Treasurer

  14. A workday will be held on the first Saturday of August

  15. All stands will be marked with fluorescent pink by Labor Day

  16. Unmarked stands may be claimed after October 1st

  17. Member may pay a $20.00 fee to use club tractor

  18. There will be no refunds or transfers of deposits on dues. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  19. Failure to comply with rules may result in termination of membership

  20. No Dog Hunting!!!

  21. All rule violations will be handled by the Board of Directors