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August 23, 2008 - With overcast skies and a light drizzle falling, we plowed and planted all of our plots today. Wrens Abruzzi Rye, purchased with club funds, made up the bulk of the planting. A couple of plots were planted in other crops with seed supplied by individual members. Buck Forage Oats went into one plot and a mixture of items made up another (Biologic Clover Plus, Biologic Alfa Clover, Biologic Hot Spot, Pennington Rack Maker Deer Greens Supreme, and Sucra Seed Sweet Spot). September 1, 2008 - All plots were sprouting only nine days later. September 27, 2008 - 35 days later, most plots were thriving! The mixed crop plot, also referred to as "The Salad Bar" shows great promise. We already have photographic evidence that the deer and the hogs are hitting the plots pretty regularly. We're looking forward to a good season. There have been no bow kills yet, but there have been plenty of deer sighted by folks while hunting. November 10, 2008 - All plots have done well with what rain we've received. The "Salad Bar" plot continues to look good. The deer and hogs are using it some. The rye grain plots have hardly been touched, with plants as high as knee high with seed heads. Natural food is evidently working now and the plots aren't getting the traffic that we expect them to get later in the season. Had a nice main frame 10 pointer killed Saturday, 11/8. He weighed 176# live weight, had a 19" beam length, 15" inside spread, and the longest tine was 7-1/2". He was a nice, healthy 3-1/2 year old buck! We've had several deer and a couple of hogs taken off the place thus far and are expecting more positive results as we move through this season. During the week of 11/17/08, we had a nice 11 pointer killed. He weighed less than 130# live (rutted down), but had a nice rack. I'll add more information on him as I receive it. December 24, 2008 - Our buck harvest this season is as follows: 1 - 11 pointer 1 - 10 pointer 3 - 8 pointers 1 - 6 pointer 1 - spike 2 - button bucks Disappointing that people killed the little guys, but stuff happens. The 6 pointer was actually a very nice buck with a 16" inside spread. A couple of the 8s were baskets and should not have been killed, but, again, stuff happens. Also had a couple of hogs killed. All in all, a pretty good season thus far. January 21, 2009 - A tour is being planned for Saturday, February 7, 2009 for prospective members. Send and email if you'd like to be included in the tour and I'll send directions on how to find us. September 1, 2009 - We are still in search of members. Please get in touch with us if you're interested! Trail camera photos indicate a very nice 8 point using the property lately. he has been photographed only at night using a mineral lick as late as the middle of last week. Most of our plots were planted on August 29, 2009 and we got rain that next day. We look forward to early growth and immediate use by our deer herd.