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Being aware of club, and state rules, and abiding by them is great, but being a good member is much more , Good members are first, great stewards of the land,and always considerate of other hunters. Lick Branch Hunting Club does not tolerate trash, period!!!! We are a family oriented club and alcohol is not permitted on club property. Do not drive 4-wheelers or vehicles around the gates, you have a key, use it!!!! Some gates are not on club leased land and neither are the trails that are made around them. Help us keep the right of way to the property by staying in the roads and using your key. The club does not have a target range and should never be used for target practice especially from September thru January!!

10/2/2012 We will be replacing two shooting houses this weekend 10/6/2012. Champion and eba field houses. last weekend to hang stands and scout!!!!!!!!!  lets leave them alone untilllllllll 10/15 then watch out. jm

10/8/2012 both houses set. Thanks to Terry and Toby for your work on these two new houses. Membership cards will be under the sign in board. GET YOUR CARD BEFORE HUNTING.   IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CARD YOU OWE FOR DAYS NOT WORKED. Did some scouting ,acorns dropping and found a couple of and fresh scrapes and rubs.


10/14/2012  lets go getem in the morning!!!! happy hunting. should get the power on to the club house early this week. sorry just slipped my mine.  jm

club member dues for 2013-2014 are due by the end of May please let me know of your intended status. 

6/4/2013  I would like to say a big thank you for all members new and old that got your dues payed on time .This allowed us to pay the soterra lease well before due. i will also WELCOME  all the new members and i hope you take this summertime to familiarize yourself with the club and hope you meet some of the older members which will be glad to show you land lines etc if they have time. I have keys for new members so contact me for a key and membership card. Soterra may will ask you to leave if you are on the property without a card. Anyone going onto club property must be accompanied by a club member. Never give your key to anyone or give permission to anyone to enter club property without you!!    jm  

   August 17th 2013   Lick Branch Hunting Club had our first meeting of the year. Welcome all new members and a big thanks to those that are already working on the fields and shooting houses. . Everyone needs to make two of the three work days which are sept 7th,14th and 21st. 8am at the clubhouse on 222. Remember, get your scouting done before Oct 1st  . We try to close the club from the 1st to the 15th to let the club clam down before bow season opens on OCT 15th. There is a few exceptions if the work is not completed by the first. Please give me a call if you find a shooting house that needs work. Watch for wasp and hornets in the houses. I apologize to anyone that I did not get in contact with to inform you of the meeting. Supplemental feeding is now allowed but the location must first be approved by a club officer "Jeff or Myself" and clearly marked on the sign in board. Anyone found hunting over these areas will be out of the club with no refund.   GOOD HUNTING !!    John Mullinax     

Oct 10th 2013 all green fields are planted and grasses are up and looking great. Thanks to Dennis whom brought a culter- packer and ran over most of the fields which did a great job. Also thanks to Tom for getting our seed at a reduced price and finishing up the fields we didnt get to on the first two weekends. Some people are still working on the houses but we ask you keep it as quiet as possible and go in and out without a lot of running around. the biggest thanks goes out to Rosie and Danny for bringing the bobcat and repairing all the roads. We have a great goup of hunters that dont mind pitching in. So lets go hunting next week!!!!!!!!! In a Tree? wear a safety Harness!!


Here we are 2014/2015 season : All Soterra land was sold to Jamestown properties with Molpus Timberlands managing the property now. We have lost 54 acres at the cemetery and boat field but have gained 80 acres behind Sulphur Springs Church. We also lost the camp house, but we are in the process of building something at the Woodard entrance. A big thanks to Charles C at HDJ for allowing us to move camp to that location. They have always been great to work with. The rules will stay the same for this year, mostly due to all the other things that have went on this year. We will definitely look at them before next season and changes will  be based on the harvest this year and what the majority of members would like to do.  A big thanks to everyone that has worked hard getting the fields planted ,bringing your tractors and again to Rosie and Danny for the bobcat work again this year.Thanks to the guys that have worked on the old shooting houses and for the new ones that were built. If you are a new member please get a copy of the rules. If you have feeders out please remove them asap.if you do not have a current member card please let me know and i will get you one.I also need everyone to sign the lease for Molpus.We will have a meeting Sat Oct 11th at 12:00 at the Woodard entrance { new camp area}.Please make it if you can. GOOD LUCK BOW HUNTING AND WEAR A SAFETY HARNESS ALWAYS!!!!!! OPENING DAY OCTOBER 15TH