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This is the most asked question, by curious callers to date. Unfortunately, no, not yet. The offer we are making is to build a brand new lodge for you, upon receipt of 20 paid memberships, with a cap of 30 members total. Lot's of land per hunter, lot's of trophy game. A very reasonable price for the number of days you may hunt, trap or fish. A pretty good price if you can only make it for one week a year and have a chance at a trophy buck. And one hell of a good deal, to be able to sell your unused days to anyone you choose, and send them in your place. I've had a few calls from the corporate world too, with questions like: Can I buy a membership for my company and give away hunts as bonuses and work incentives, or send prospective clients? Yes, of course. once you buy in you may send anyone in your place on any of your alotted days or any days you can reserve. Or use the days yourself whenever you wish during your allotted days to hunt or by reservation. Sounds like a legitimate tax write off for a company to me. Another question was, can I bring my wife or someone else to share my room and to stay at the lodge while I hunt. Yes, it's your room, you may share it. We will charge $50. per day for the extra person, for meals and extra occupancy and she may even go out on your 200 acres with you as a companion or photographer, but Not Hunt. There is a large Amish community with dozens of shops,antique stores, and Amish tours nearby, and if you are brave enough to trust her with your credit card she will find plenty to do on her own. We can provide maps and directions. As for the lodge, we have property, insurance, and building plans. We will get it up and going within a couple months with enough members. Members will be polled by mail to see what improvements are most wanted year to year. Members may opt out at any time and pass memberships on to friends, or simply opt out and open a spot for anyone to take. We will keep a list of dates for each member, of days they are unable to hunt, or don't wish to hunt. You call up, you want to hunt next weekend, but it's not one of your pre scheduled hunting days and you want to bring two friends.If we have enough room for three reservations, we give you names of folks, not planning to use their rooms at the lodge next weekend. You call them directly and make a deal to use their rooms for your friends, they call us and release the rooms to your friends. As a member, you yourself may take any available room at no cost and hunt any available land on the lease. You now have three rooms reserved and 600 acres to hunt. What if you're the only hunter hunting next weekend? Then you may hunt all the land in our lease. What if two or more hunters arrive for a week? You pick from the map which 200 acre section you wish to reserve for your hunt, this is yours alone. All other available land is open to all and must be shared. Are there boats to rent at the lake if I come in the summer months? No, not at this time, but with a full lodge of paid members I'd bet that we could afford to own a couple boats to be used by the members for free. Glad you mentioned it! This could be an improvement for the second year of operation, along with doubling the hunting land lease, if enough members like it. There are boat ramps for large boats and handicapped accessible fishing from shore. Two swimming areas, camp sites, and picnic areas. Any plans for an indoor pool someday? Yes! if members approve. There will be an opperating budget for land leases, insurance, lodge opperation, and annual improvements. We need all the great ideas you can come up with and we are committed to making this a great hunting club with your help. Any other questions?