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Thacker Mountain Lodge Outdoors PresentsA pod cast live every Tuesday night at 7:00. Featuring a Mississippi hunting, fishing, and sports minded Outdoor show that brings Ole Miss fans and outdoorsmen together. For one hour every Tuesday night. Topics include Mississippi Whitetail deer hunting, Mississippi Delta duck hunting, Ole Miss football and more. Each week will bring different guests that will discuss various topics of interest and will include video footage shot locally. CLICK HERE to log on and enjoy.Thacker Mountain Lodge Outdoors Show, will feature each week filmed segments of outdoor Mississippi Delta Whitetail deer hunts, Mississippi Delta duck hunts, Mississippi Delta turkey hunts and other outdoor trivia filmed live from Thacker Mountain Lodge Land and Property Division, properties. Hosts Lynn Callahan and Wayne Soper will discuss the virtues of the properties, as well as the investment opportunities, long term benefits and many recreational uses of the featured Thacker Mountain Lodge Land and Property Division, property of the week. There will be link to view the property further as well as contact information to purchase or view the Thacker Mountain Lodge Land and Property Division, properties of the week. have you seen the show and what did you think of it?