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Windy Ridge Hunt Club, located in Nelson County, VA is seeking a few select members to round out their roster for the upcoming year.  The club was voted small club of the year in the State of Virginia in 2003 and has been managed under the DMAP program thru the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries since 1998 when established.  The hunt club is primarily a still hunting only organization, consisting of  permanent tree stands that are community stands for all members and open portable stand and ground hunting.  Windy Ridge Hunt Club land is locked and secure only to paying members and dependent children.  The club has meetings/work parties/food plot program throughout the year and a club manual with established rules that all members follow for safety and to meet the clubs stated game managed objectives.  The Club is family oriented with a core long term group of members.  We are currently managing about 2000 acres for trophy bucks with a liberal doe harvest to satisfy filling our freezers. We have harvested several bear on our properties as well.  Contact the club contact listed on this site. We have significantly expanded our food plot program this year.  We are expecting a banner year with many mature bucks on the property.


Note:  All new members will be voted in by the membership prior to anyone being offered a position within the organization.  Background checks are required.