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In an effort to communicate clearly and effectively with our members I have written up my “talk” that gives insight to all perspective members. The DMX Hunt Club is named after “Direct Matrix Architecture”, and has no affiliation with the gangsta rap group “dmx”. I have operated a hunting club for over 15 years. We have had as little as 200 acres, and as many as 2000. I don’t golf or watch sports, I hunt and fish. Our society today is growing away from hunting. If we don’t teach our children about the outdoors and hunting, it will be lost forever. Our children will grow up and some will become judges, lawyers and public officials. These public officials will make and enforce laws. If they have not had favorable exposure to the outdoors, guns and hunting why would they allow our traditions to continue?? I am a 46 year old Christian father of 2 young boys 13 and 10. They hunt with me all the time. This is not a club for members to get drunk, use foul language and act like idiots. I have worked very long and hard to build the current relationship with the landowners. I expect every member to act like an adult at all times. This is a family type club; I plan to keep it that way. I prefer non-drinkers, but I don’t care if you have a beer or drink in the evening, as long you behave yourself. If you cannot control your alcohol, I will speak with you personally about it. The property is all private land. I hold the leases directly with land owners. We currently have 1000 acres under lease. I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for additional land. We are not allowed to cut any trees, and we must be very careful not to destroy small planted pines. I currently own a Kubota 4x4 tractor. I use it on the club to bush hog roads and fire breaks to keep the access open. We will have one or two club food plots. I am willing to help anyone develop a food plot. I will also turn-key your plot for a fee. D not develop any area for planting without discussing with me first. Some of areas on the 548 are used for hay; we can certainly hunt them but not plant them. This is a QDMA Club. I believe in QDM. We want members that believe in QDM. IF I have to run around the club with a ruler to measure every buck to keep hunters from shooting small bucks, we have the wrong hunters in the club. We are looking for true Quality Buck people. 6 Points outside the ears as a minimum. The kids are under GA regs and I want the kids to shoot some deer, have some fun and learn field judging.