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CLUB RULES 2018-2019
Each member is required to make FIVE (5) work days, one (1) of which is required to be during fall planting.
There is a $200.00 fine for each work day not made.
Fines must be paid before the member is allowed to hunt on club property.

2018 PLANTING WEEKEND - September 28, 29, & 30


***NEW 2018 BY LAW***
All Tri-Pod and Ladder Stands MUST be at there final hunting location on or before Oct. 1st and cannot be moved until the deer season is over.
All game laws will be adhered to, including any restrictions set forth by the landowner.  This includes turkey hunting.
There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages during hunting hours (4:30 AM until dark) if you intend to hunt.  Members or guests appearing to be under the influence will not be allowed to hunt.
You may not use screw-in steps, nails or spikes with your tree stands.
Each member is responsible for picking up and disposing of any and all trash which includes deer and turkey remains.  Take your garbage home with you. If you make a mess in the skinning shed, clean it up!
DO NOT let it sit.

Each membership is allowed 3-Bucks and 5-Does. This includes your spouse, sons or daughters still living at home and a full time student, or a minor (16 or younger) you bring as a non-paying guest.
Guest fees are $25.00 per day and may be given to any club officer present.
If a guest comes down during deer or turkey season and does not hunt the $25.00 guest fee is still required.
If a guest kills a buck then a $75.00 assessment will be imposed, for a total owed of $100.00 for that day. If the buck is less than an eight point fines will be imposed as well. If a guest kills a doe then a $25.00 assessment will be imposed, for a total owed of $50.00 for that day. If the doe or buck is less than 100 Lbs fines will be imposed as well. If a guest kills a turkey then a $75.00 assessment  will be imposed, for a total owed of $100.00 for that day.
Members are responsible for their guests.  This includes collecting fees or fines.  If the guest does not pay then the sponsoring member will be responsible.
Guests must sign in the book when they first arrive at camp and must obtain a guest pass on the days of their hunt.
A member’s spouse, son, or daughter that is still a FULL TIME STUDENT is allowed to hunt as a non-paying guest as long as the paying member is present. Sons and daughters over the age of 18 and not in school must join the club or pay regular guest fees. They will be given first consideration when openings are available.
A member’s parent or grandparent may hunt without any guest fees or assessments for a total of 4 days. On the fifth day, normal guest fees will apply.
Members can bring a minor (16 or younger) for a total of 4 days without any guest fees or assessments. On the fifth day normal guest fees will apply.
ANY guest (paying or non-paying) that kills a BUCK it will Count Against the sponsoring members three (3) buck total.
Non-paying guest; such as a spouse, kids still living at home and a FULL TIME student or a minor (16 or younger), will count toward the sponsoring members DOE & BUCK totals.
Members are allowed no more than two (2) guests per visit.  This includes non-paying guests such as a child.
Minors will be under the direct supervision of an adult member when hunting on club land.  This is in our lease.
No paying guests allowed on opening week (7 days) of BOW & GUN deer season. And the LAST WEEK OF DEER SEASON. No paying guests allowed on opening week of Turkey Season (7 days).
Ex-members are allowed to hunt as guests for no more than three (3) days.
Members who get out of the club will not be considered for membership again for at least two (2) years.
All gates must be locked going on and off the property.  If you think you might be the last person out, then lock the gate.
There will be no sighting in of rifles in the camp area.  The practice area is stand #54.  Pick up your trash and shell casings.  You may shoot during the middle of the day but not during hunting hours, especially if members are in the woods.  This includes bow season.
Hunting hours are dawn until 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM until dark.
You may not ride trucks or 4-wheelers on club roads during hunting hours.  Use some common sense.  Do not enter the woods late or leave your stand early if you think there is a possibility you might ride past someone.
You may not ride onto green fields.
All campsites must have a water shut-off valve coming into their camper, trailer, etc.
If a current member does not intend to renew his membership, his campsite must be off of club property before June 1st.
We will use a sign-in/sign-out system for selecting areas to hunt. This is on a first come, first serve basis. You must sign out when you leave to hunt or scout and you must sign in when you return.  This is for safety and courtesy.
Keep the book neat. There will be no scratching names OR areas hunted off of the book. No one wants to hunt an area that has received lots of recent pressure.
Sign out is at 4:30 AM, NOT before.
If you report to the skinning shed early, you must remain there until 4:30, in order to hold your position in sign out order. If you wish to hunt the same area in the afternoon, leave your initials on the map. Do not scout areas or pull stands from areas that are signed out. Check the map before you leave out of the camp area.
During hunting season you are allowed two (2) sign-out areas per day. If you hunt an area in the morning and scout a different area at lunch, you MUST hunt one of those two areas that afternoon.

Everyone MUST sign out the area you are going when you leave the camp!!   (If you are going on club property)
 This includes middle of the week hunters as well.

  1. No member is allowed to harvest more than five (5) antler-less deer.  This includes any antler-less deer that your spouse OR family member kills.  A paying guest does not count against the sponsoring member’s five (5) antler-less deer total.
  2. Any guest paying or non-paying killing a buck will count against the sponsoring member’s three (3) buck total.
  3. Deer weighing less than 100 pounds are not allowed to be killed by gun or bow.  There will be NO “slip-up” for killing a buck weighing less than 100 pounds. A $100.00 fine will be imposed for the first offense and a $300.00 fine will be imposed for the second offense. There will be one (1) “slip-up” for killing a doe weighing less than 100 pounds. After that, the $100.00 and $300.00 fines will apply.  All guests, paying or non-paying, killing a deer weighing less than 100 pounds will count against the sponsoring member.
  4. In the event a member, his family or guest kills a buck less than an eight (8) point, a $100.00 fine will be imposed for the first offense and $300.00 fine will be imposed for the second offense.  All guests, paying or non-paying, killing a buck less than an eight (8) point will count against the member.